Monday, 2 May 2011


Continuing the publication of election leaflets from this years NBC Elections here is the A4 trifold election address delivered over the Bank Holiday weekend.As always click on each picture to magnify. I hope you enjoy it.


  1. Tony, are we going to get your views on the debate at the Town Hall last week as we enter the last week of the election? I sat on Row 3 for the evening and was waiting for your comments before I share mine?

  2. Certainly, I will try and weave it into a blog, but overall lets just say the 3 parties failed to impress!!

  3. Oooo IndepenDENSE, wasn't you in front of me and my mate was it? His last question rocked.

    And Tony, much better leaflet... I like you in colour!!!

  4. But colour costs big bucks and isn't so kind to the planet, So I just saved it for the election address.

  5. I can’t wait any longer I am afraid. If I don’t share on your blog Tony I will burst after last week!

    I thought I should go along to see and hear for myself what was on offer. All I can say is, and I know this a family blog, what a complete shower of sh.....ambles.

    If that is what is on offer in this town we so love then we have reached an all time low. The Leaders of the main parties couldn’t string together a coherent sentence, let alone a policy. The Tory guy failed early on not being able to keep to two mins, the Lib Dem excuse of a Leader took the arrogant Glib Dem approach that I thought would have dissipated since the coalition kerfuffle and Lee Mason bless her, had the makeover but was so false on the ‘come on the cobblers’ that the room went silent – and who was the mad man that kept getting up and pointing his finger? Was that John Rawlings? Has Labour really selected him for Delapre? He looked (and sounded) unhinged.

    I am sorry but it was made worse by the Independents Tony. You were the only one sir who (a) sounded sane and (b) looked sane.

    I can’t remember names but God help us all if the Independent group take control. I can’t thankfully remember them all but do recall a trade union nutter who was happy to go to prison (he’ll do a lot for taxpayers there), Fitzy who just doesn’t get that the markets problems are nothing to do with the stalls, the cobbles or even the Council – it’s the fact that Tesco sell fruit and veg cheaper and a better quality but nobody has the guts to tell him, Norman Adams who had clearly not taken his medication as came across as possessed and then to top it all off the BNP stood up and said immigration was out of control and one of their policies was to get people to be better neighbours (the poor thing didn’t see the irony)

    I came home so depressed I was glad that the huge majority of voters weren’t there. Tony you were different than the others but that’s mainly because you can string a sentence together. Sadly in the Kingdom of the Blind the one eyed man is King. It could be you.

  6. IndepenDENSE

    Thank You, I think? It was a poor show and I felt it could have been better put together although the Chron had a difficult job on their hands.

    Inspiration radio tried to get a debate going with the 4 leaders of the groups on the Council (including of course yours truly) but Brian Markham refused to participate if I was included!

    If it was me I would have said to him "up to you Brian but if your not there then we will broadcast without you and explain why you refused to participate"

    He could have made similar overtones to the Chron? and all the main three try to avoid eye contact with me let alone respond to any questions they raise.

    They are all scared stiff of losing their grip on power.

    Liam Costello I thought spoke well as did Derek Jones and Malcolm. Norman is as Norman is and sometimes his angered outbursts are useful.

    Del was right to challenge the parties on not standing up against the government, but going to jail might have been overplaying his hand.

    Am I glad to be a one eyed king? not really, as I go into everything I do with both eyes wide open. But your summary is a fair reflection on the state we are in with the main parties, if not a tad unkind on some of those who in frustration have decided to challenge the Status Quo

  7. IndepenDENSE, you make me smile; thank you.
    And, yes Tony; I think it was a compliment...

    Also, it has shocked me that Brian Markham could say such a thing... But hey, you know I am learn much more than I ever thought I would.

    Good luck for tomorrow mate.

  8. Oops sorry Nicky I meant Brian Hoare!! It shows what an impression the man makes on people that after allmthis time I still get his name wrong

  9. Tony - am really sad to see you go ... cannot understand why. Do people just not recognize a solid local councillor anymore ?

  10. vervwt - agree with you, Tony as been a good councillor, not only to the residents of his ward but to many outside it, life is NOT always how you wish it, the fight for better will go on - thanks Tony for the last four years mate.
    Regards Norman

  11. Not a single independent candidate elected? Didn't you say "the independents will hold the balance of power"? That boast failed to make any impression on the electorate.

  12. It is not a time to gloat Anonymous. It is a time for sober grown up judgement following a crystal clear message from the electorate.

    Having taken part in this blog for some time now, my biggest dissapointment for you guys is that I think you believed your own spin. Just like the General Election it wasn't a close result. People on the doorstep were not sharing their strength of feeling about leaflets being printed in Nottingham and this Regional Office nonsense.

    I was dissapointed Tony to see your comments in the local paper this morning. You can't blame a Labour swing against you when you whole raison d'etre is that you believe local people are fed up with political parties etc etc.

    The reality is now clear from this election and the last General Election in Northampton. People trust and want political parties to represent them. Independents have a chance to win some support but if their messaging is poor and their track record is not one that people want then ... well look at last night.

    The role of yourself and your colleagues Tony is of course to campaign and raise your minority views but that is the limit I am afraid.

    You may disagree but the people that matter made their call at last years General Election and at the polls yesterday.

  13. smell the roses7 May 2011 at 11:34

    Disappointed to see that you failed to make it Tony. I know that you were a hard working Councillor and tried to help wherever it was needed. This is a very fickle electorate in Castle ward.

    I am delighted however to see the rout of the Liberal Democrats. Even now Brian Hoare doesn't seem to think that there were any local issues which contributed to the decisive defeat. How arrogant is that? The people of Northampton showed that they are no longer going to treated as fools and I hope the conservatives take that message squarely on board and get working quickly to give this place a good kick up the backside to get it moving again

  14. The morning after the night before.

    Smell the roses – very patronising of you to think the electorate of Castle are ‘fickle’ because they changed their representative? Tony himself in this blog has been the first to write of how residents are passionate about their community and they reward hard work and loyalty. They don’t change just because they vote for someone else!

    It sums it all up for me. Having read the blog here for some time, my biggest warning came true last night. Tony and the Independents ended up believing their own spin. I simply do not believe that hundreds of people on the doorstep were raising the issue of leaflets being printed in Nottingham and some nonsense about a Regional Office. Even if they were, as I suggested, it was not influential in how they voted.

    Even as one of their biggest challengers, my view, and obviously the electorate of our town is that Independents do have a role but it is the role of raising and campaigning on specific issues – not governing locally or nationally.

    Bit disappointed Tony to see your comments in this morning’s Chronicle and Echo. You can’t blame the national swing to Labour as the reason for you losing when at the same time you have voiced on this blog clearly that affinity to political parties is over in Castle Ward. People have voted clearly on what service they have received in the last four years and what they wanted in the next four years and more importantly who they want to do that for them.

    That is not just my view. It is clearly that of the overwhelming view of voters in Castle Ward.

  15. indepenDense-
    "People have voted clearly on what service ..." Well for the last 4 years 50% of Castle ward Councillors has been one Tess Scott-Labour councillor and completely invisible.TC has had to carry almost all the casework in the ward himself.What won the ward was the party machine, and both TC and I know that too well as we were part of that machine for many years.I think by the way that you are fundamentally wrong on the role of independents in local government.It was true years ago the independent was a cover for Tories,but the nature of politics should be changing and with more power concentrated in central government's hands then there is a strong case for genuine localism, based on ward communities, that reflect what is happening on the ground.
    Just read the manifestos of the three parties for the local elections and tell me if they represent coherent or strategic plans for the future?
    It is a sad reality that a number elected yesterday did it for the £6k they will get even if they can't be arsed to turn up!
    Consider the electorate in Spencer who had a councillor living for a couple of years in Bicester and getting the allowance-and the other one living in Huntingdon!
    Local councillors serving their communities or keeping a seat for their party?

  16. smell the roses7 May 2011 at 16:00

    Clearly the latter John.

    Same old 'inane' diatribe from IndepenDENSE and not worthy of debate. Clearly this type of blog seems the only way you get to communicate with anyone.
    Please go and get a life.

    xx luv you.

    Now there's patronising.

  17. Not surprised that the Indy's lost out, but pity that you did, with all your experience.
    Lesson to be learnt - fight issues with sound argument based on facts, not cat-calling.
    Trad Lab now opposition, Lib Dems lost because of Calamity Clegg & Astragate.
    Eat a bit of 'umble pie, rebuild legitimate Labour from within.

  18. Thanks 'smell the roses.' Pleased that you are not making it personal.

    Oh Mr Dickie; even in defeat you do need to at least taste a crumb of humble pie.

    You are of course entitled to your view of the role of independents and entitled to disagree with me. The people that count are those that voted on Thursday - the same people that rejected independents totally.

    It doesnt matter whether you and I thought the main parties manifestos were coherent (didnt see a manifesto from Tony by the way) - the people that matter made their decision on Thursday.

    Feel your point that 'they' are in it for the £6k (didnt know they got anything!) and 'we' are in it for the people is all rather patronising to the 'winners' from Thursday.

    From what I read and hear, there will always be a few strange ones but people like Cllr Strachan and Cllr Aziz are passionate and hard working people (and a move away from white, middle class surburban stereotype councillor)and I would imagine there are even some Tories like that too (one can hope)

    At the end of the day the people have spoken and clearly. Come on now ..... at least nibble at that pie.

  19. smell the roses8 May 2011 at 14:10


    At last you have shown us all the racist that you obviously are.

    Yes, it applies the other way round also.

  20. "calm down dear" as someone said quite recently.

    I think celebrating the election of councillors from differing ethnic backgrounds is something we should celebrate.

    Now come on 'smell the roses', give us a blog that doesn't get personal.

  21. Gary

    Really sorry to see you miss out Tony, I don't live in your ward but would have happily voted for you.

    Now we have a Tory County Council and a Tory Council.

    I am very unhappy about this.

  22. Read my column this Wednesday Indy and you will see that I am quite enthusiastic about the possibilities for the future of the Labour group, multi-cultural, young and a significant proiportion of women.But the problem is not the future it is the past,if it is mired in the old apolitical Labour tradition, miserable whey faced unadventurous party hacks then they will learn no lessons from the events in Scotland.
    The fact that a safe machine was destroyed by an idealistic perhaps even unrealistic Party that brought a bit of vision and a bit of fight to Scotland.
    Mao used to talk about those who waved the red flag to oppose the red flag.
    It was interesting at the count to see the opportunists who had been noticeably absent for the last four years were back round the LP honeypot!
    I wish the Labour Party well and I hope the talk of fight is not mere rhetoric.I hope they will be leading walkouts and ambushes and in Roger Winter's words "kicking up Bob's a dyin"
    I shall watch with interest.

  23. I forgot to comment on humble pie-I am delighted by the principled campaign Tony and Malcolm fought ,and have been impressed by Tony's commitment to Castle Ward.If there is any pie nibbling then it should be the Labour Party,who foisted on Castle ward a totally useless and unsuitable candidate who agreed with everything the Lib-Dem administration did, and of course a bit of pie would not go amiss for the LP members like 'Dense' who let the injustices of the LP go unchallenged!
    Comradeship-I think not!

  24. Come on Mr Dickie, not even a sniff of humble pie?

    Think the electorate of Castle Ward disagree with your views of previous Labour Cllrs in the ward. It was only last Thursday they voted for 'more' Labour and 'less' Independents.

    'Useless' and 'unsuitable' are of course subjective views. 'Elected' and 'out of office' are objective and what its all about.

    Perhaps, as suggested previously if the Castle Ward Independents spent less time worrying and writing about regional office and leaflets from Nottingham then they may have got closer to victory?

    Would be good to hear from Tony. Always judge a man by how he takes defeat not victory.

  25. Dense-no the electorate probably didn't disagree,it's unlikely that many of then knew Tess Scott was their councillor.In his 'victory' speech Les Marriott welcomed Castle 'returning' to Labour-in fact 50% of it never left Labour-and Marriott should have remembered-he worked for her last time!
    Just remember Dense-that if it hadn't been for the interference of the regional party,Castle would have had twp first rate Labour councillors in Tony and Peter Evans to take the fight to the Lib-Dems and stand up for their electorate.
    Frankly as an anonymous party hack you know what to do with your humble pie!
    I hope the new councillors in Castle ward are more willing to co-operate with those of us active in our community than the last one was!
    then nwe can all get on with confronting the dreadful spectre of a Tory government,county and borough council.
    We might even be willing to use our real names

  26. Shall comment more about this later...
    and yes I will be blogging again more too!

    You know what I think of you personally Tony, and you know that when I say something I mean it...

    Keep positive, stay true to that guy I know you are inside; and remember ~ it could be worse ~ you could be the "other" Tony! (THAT car)




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